Our Story

Squire Editions redefines and stretches the boundaries of what a vehicle can deliver and offers a unique opportunity to enhance both your car and your lifestyle.

The brainchild of brothers Tom and Harry Waller, Squire works with clients on a tailored design, creating and building a range of transformational exterior and interior options.

One of the most popular products is a series of drawer systems, specifically designed around the needs of those who enjoy outdoor living – the unique boot-fitted drawers can be single or double stack and can be created to safely store anything you wish without defying physics, e.g. crystal glasses, fishing rods, or champagne. Managing Director, Tom, said: “The concept of Squire Editions is to take a high-quality vehicle, whatever marque, classic or modern, and enable our clients to add their own personal stamp. Your design, our creation.

Squire Editions - Land Rover

The Squires

Team Member Photo - Tom


“Our family grew up in the countryside and enjoyed all it had to offer, this played a big part of my life. The thought of creating bespoke vehicles to further enhance the great outdoors was always a dream. Now, being able to work with clients to make their thoughts and ideas a reality is something special. “Your Design, Our Creation”

Team Member Photo - Harry


“The whole concept of Squire Editions was for it to incorporate classic and modern, making it the best of British class. We also want to be able to offer our clients the opportunity to put their personal stamp on their Squire Editions.”

Squire Editions - Land Rover

As well as the drawer systems, Squire Editions offers enhancements such as hand-crafted and branded leather interiors, warm water tanks for hosing hounds and bespoke sound systems.

Exteriors can benefit from anything from wheel treatments and key safes to full wrapping and branding packs. Squire Editions rebranded at the beginning of this year, to embrace the expansion of the company while staying true to its ethos.

Tom said: “A squire is a country gent, someone whose life is largely outdoors and who appreciates excellence in everything, from land management to leisure activities.

“To squire someone means to chaperone them, take care of them, make sure they are safe, and that all of their needs are catered for. A Squire Edition vehicle does all of that and more.”