5 reasons to shop local and support farmers.

So, why should you help your local farmer when you can just pop to the closest supermarket or order your shopping online? 

Local food and farmers will grow and produce food in your local area, the money spent on that food would benefit local farmers and producers. There are many reasons to support local and here are 5 of these reasons : 

  1. Helping the environment – It’s true, it is good for the environment as good farmers will ensure that the land is kept with barely any if not no chemicals and fertilizers. This practice not only can insulate carbon but also ensure natural habitats for wildlife. Also reducing the distance the food travels lowers its carbon footprint! #savingtheplanet
  2. Building communities – I don’t know about you but there’s something about buying from local farmers who are providing for you as much as their own families. 
  3. It’s fresher – locally sourced food tastes better as it has not been sat in transit for a long period of time, this fresh food stays packed full of nutrients. 
  4. Wastage – If you are only cooking for one or two people you don’t need a whole cabbage that will go off over 3 days. Most local farm shops supply half or even quarters of some vegetables which means a lot less wastage and clearing out the fridge!
  5. Supermarket treatment of suppliers – Delays in payments, price squeezing and no compensation for forecasting errors, supermarkets don’t always treat the farmers they buy from as well as they could!

This week the Squire will be going to the Cowdray Game Week to try game as a wild, healthy and high protein meat. There will also be butchery, cookery and gundog demonstrations. 

If you are going we look forward to seeing you there.