How we work

It all starts with a chat. For us, getting to know you and your lifestyle is key to making sure that you get the very best from your vehicle.

From there, we’ll look at what you’ve got. Perhaps you need help sourcing a vehicle. You may have one that’s been in storage for years, waiting to be worked on. Maybe you have a well-loved but lacklustre daily that needs a little TLC, or you might just have the perfect vehicle that only needs to be fitted with the equipment you need to compliment your way of life. Whatever your situation, we’ll look at the bones we have to work with, and get an idea of what you need from us.

Then, we’ll look at any limitations. They may be financial, geographical, or the amount of time you can spare the car. Our job is to make your life better, not harder, so knowing your limits helps us to save you stress later on.

From here, for something simple we may be able to give you a straight quote, or for more complicated builds we may put together a proposal so that we know we’re on the right track. Either way, we’ll want you to ask any questions you may have so that we’re all on the same page moving forward.

When it comes to starting the project, we can collect the vehicle if you can’t bring it to us and we’ll provide you with regular updates as we progress.

The work doesn’t have to be undertaken in one go if that doesn’t suit. Time and finances can be a factor, or you may not be sure how much work you want us to undertake. We can break projects down into as many manageable chunks as necessary.

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