The Brief

The purpose of this car was for the owner to take his children on incredible adventures. It needed to be an active utility vehicle, while still being a family car. The owner is a passionate shooter, but he also wanted to be able to take the kids on bike rides, and have cinema nights in the car.

The Solution

Cinema nights in the car is a new one to us - but it sounds like a good idea. We fitted rear entertainment, mood lighting and underseat subwoofers for some extra oomph, plus 240 volt 3-pin sockets in case they want a popcorn machine! We’ve got the shooting covered with custom cut foams in the hospitality/gun drawer, including shot glasses for a cheeky sloe gin with elevenses. Not only did we add a bike rack, but also added a water system so muddy bikes could be hosed down before being mounted.

  • Dual battery system with split charge relay and intelligent voltage protection, AGM dry cell flat top power supply housed in a custom stainless steel battery compartment
  • 240 volt outlets with 3 pin British mains power supply and USB
  • 6 way switch board with volt ammeter running from smart easy access and intelligent fuse board with override protection and panel display
  • Dual interior battery and voltage monitoring


  • Housing for two guns and accessories
  • High density laser cut closed cell foam inserts to facilitate 10x shot glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers, cigars, cigar lighter, cutter, bottle opener, 2x bottles of champagne and 4 liquor bottles
  • Internal Lotus grill mount


  • Squire hot water dispenser consisting of surgical grade stainless steel internal water tank, running from the auxiliary leisure battery with intelligent thermo-sensing
  • Electrically heated hot/cold food storage box
  • Individual sections dedicated to the housing of hand crafted coffee and tea cups as well as side-plates and storage for more if needed


  • Dedicated storage section for boots, clothing, cartridge bags, gun slips, cartridges, pressure washer and general storage

  • Black Alcantara headlining throughout
  • Interior mood lighting to canopy and rear lower seat
  • Drop down rear entertainment
  • Rear underseat subwoofers

  • Leather door cards and dash pod
  • Leather seats
  • Full carpet set with sound deadening
  • Stainless steel door entry guards front and rear
  • Modified rear door card to include alloy splash back
  • Complete interior billet package

  • Load area jerry can mount

  • Reposition rear camera
  • Full length roof rack
  • Complete exterior billet package
  • Removal and reposition of antenna
  • Black lower chequer plates
  • Complete exterior stainless bolt set
  • Raptor coat chassis
  • Satin black alloys
  • Squire brand pack anti-tamper hinge set

Further Images

Load area jerry can mount
Custom black leather interior
Shot of Squire on Track - Pheasant Shooting

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